Greenbelt Pathway in Laguna Pointe in Eagle Still Causing Contention Between Homeowners, City

Not long ago, I wrote about the challenges that homeowners and cit officials in Laguna Pointe (Eagle) were facing when it came to getting the Boise River Greenbelt through that subdivision. The issue is still raging on as KBOI News pointed out a couple of days ago, and the news site provided a recap.

Getting Up-to-Speed About Laguna Pointe in Eagle

To recap, many people who own Eagle, Idaho real estate in the neighborhood fear that the greenbelt will cut through their properties. When Laguna Pointe Subdivision was in its planning stages, the subdivision builders/ designers and the City of Eagle agreed that if the neighborhood came into being, the city had a right to put an easement to the Boise River Greenbelt in the neighborhood.

The problem? Apparently, the request for the easement was not filed properly with Ada County. Add to that, the Laguna Pointe Homeowners Association told KBOI that the easement was slated to run along the river, but the river itself has changed. So the city created an alternative path, but there’s problems with that, too. People using the path are actually traipsing into people’s backyards.

The matter is supposed to go before a judge on June 16th. Stay tuned.

Watch the video below to get a full recap of the issue thus far.

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