Greenbelt Pathway in Laguna Pointe in Eagle Still Causing Contention Between Homeowners, City

Not long ago, I wrote about the challenges that homeowners and cit officials in Laguna Pointe (Eagle) were facing when it came to getting the Boise River Greenbelt through that subdivision. The issue is still raging on as KBOI News pointed out a couple of days ago, and the news site provided a recap.

Getting Up-to-Speed About Laguna Pointe in Eagle

To recap, many people who own Eagle, Idaho real estate in the neighborhood fear that the greenbelt will cut through their properties. When Laguna Pointe Subdivision was in its planning stages, the subdivision builders/ designers and the City of Eagle agreed that if the neighborhood came into being, the city had a right to put an easement to the Boise River Greenbelt in the neighborhood.

The problem? Apparently, the request for the easement was not filed properly with Ada County. Add to that, the Laguna Pointe Homeowners Association told KBOI that the easement was slated to run along the river, but the river itself has changed. So the city created an alternative path, but there’s problems with that, too. People using the path are actually traipsing into people’s backyards.

The matter is supposed to go before a judge on June 16th. Stay tuned.

Watch the video below to get a full recap of the issue thus far.

Eagle, Idaho Real Estate News: New Sports Complex May be in the Works

For those who love the recreational opportunities that parks like Eagle Island State Park offers, you’ll be happy to learn that the City of Eagle or more specifically, the city’s Department of Parks and Rec is considering a new sports complex.

Eagle Middle School = One Crowded Piece of Real Estate

According to, coaches and parents have asked repeatedly for more play space. Sometimes up to 10 sports teams practice at Eagle Middle School on any given day, causing overcrowding. Or teams must go elsewhere to find play space, including church yards or even in other cities.

Parks and Rec Director Mike Aho has put together a plan for the Eagle City Council that calls for a task force to help develop the new complex. It would be a volunteer group consisting of a land developer, leaders of sports teams and other city members familiar with the parks.

Where Will You Find the Sports Complex on the Eagle City Map?

At the moment, the cost of the project is up in the air as is the location and how many fields the complex will add to the city. However, this development offers great news for the people looking at the homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho. Just like the city’s medical services, popular restaurants and city markets, the addition of a sports complex would make playing and working in Eagle all the more attractive for those who live here.

Laguna Property Owners Embroiled in Tussle With City Over Parts of the Boise River Greenbelt

The Boise greenbelt counts among the most important pieces of Idaho real estate, not only to the City of Boise, but also to the City of Eagle. At the moment, access to the bike path has become a bone of contention between some Laguna Pointe homeowners and city officials in Eagle.

What’s at Stake for the Laguna Pointe Property Owners? And for the City of Eagle?

The issue is with three Laguna Pointe owners, who have property right on the Boise River and which the city would like use of to create a public access way to the Eagle section of the Boise greenbelt. The section of Eagle, Idaho real estate in question is an acre and a half stretch of Laguna Pointe property. It exists on the south side of the neighborhood and would be an East-West route for hikers, cyclists and other greenbelt users, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Because the city and the owners of the three Eagle, Idaho properties can’t come to an agreement as to the use of the land, the city will start eminent domain proceedings against the property owners, which the Statesman cites as Jade Development, LLC, Laguna Pointe Homeowners Association and Premier Industrial LLC. The lawsuit will go to 4th District Court.

The City of Eagle is hoping to access 64K square feet of land, although city officials have stated that gaining access to the land in this manner was not the way they were hoping to go. There is a trail currently, but it’s on private property, causing the friction between the Laguna Pointe property owners and the city.

Why the Challenges for This Section of the Boise Greenbelt

For those not 100% certain about what eminent domain is, Wikipedia defines it as an entity’s power to take “private property for public use by a state or national government.”

The issue for the homeowners, aside from the path cutting through land that is private property, is that they don’t want the path to be paved and they would also like the trajectory of the path to move away from the homes along the Boise River and closer to the river itself.

Additionally, in a story last year on Fox News about the issue, Laguna Pointe property owners expressed that there were issues of privacy not only for their homes, but the 43-acre private lake that sits at the heart of Laguna Pointe Subdivision.

See more of the Fox News story about Laguna Pointe in Eagle, Idaho and about the greenbelt issue by watching the news video below:

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Activities in Eagle Island State Park: Pickled Feet Runs on March 27 – 29

Anyone who owns a piece of Eagle, Idaho real estate has surely been to Eagle Island State Park. This is one of many parks in the city and is home to many spring and summer activities. And now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to take park in some activities. If you’re game, there’s one coming up very soon, the Pickled Feet Runs on March 27th through the 29th.

Activities in Eagle, Idaho: Pickled Feet Runs

This activity is a fixed-time race, meaning that race enthusiasts will run as many miles across this expanse of Eagle, Idaho real estate as they can within the space of 48, 24, 12 or 6 hours. They also have the option of doing a 100-mile distance run with a fixed distance.

Actual race days span from the 27th to the 29th of March. Run times for the 48 and 24 hour races range from 6 am to 6 pm. For the 12 and 6-hour options, racers can choose day or night jaunts. People who opt for the 100-mile fixed race have a 32-hour race time.

If you’re interested, but have visions of running over all the hills and dales of this pristine spot of Eagle, Idaho real estate, never fear. The terrain is said to be mild.

According to BoiseEvents.Net, you can get 20% discount if you use the code CATHY at checkout.
Additionally, Eagle Island State Park offers your family plenty to do if they’re not runners. They’ll enjoy throwing some horseshoes, starting the barbecue or playing frisbee in the grass. Or they can act as volunteers for the Pickled Feet Runs.

Your entry comes with a free parking pass. Go to the Ultra Sign Up website  to sign up or for more information. You have to log in at Ultra Sign Up to register. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free.

Learn more about this park in Eagle, Idaho by watching the video below.