Homes for Sale In Two Rivers

Two Rivers is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Eagle Idaho. Deriving its name from its unique location between the North & South Channel of the Boise River – Two Rivers features upscale homes, extensive landscaping, and 17 ponds throughout the neighborhood.

Within Two Rivers, there’s three gated sections of the neighborhood.  “The Pointe” features some of the largest lots & best water-front homes.  “The Islands” also offer larger lots, some of which have great water-views.  For the person looking for a smaller & low-maintenance yard the gated section of “The Streams” offer patio homes.


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    On crisp fall days, the birds begin leaving the nests they’ve built in the Two Rivers subdivision in Eagle, Idaho and start their winter’s journey to warmer climates. But for the people who’ve bought one of the homes for sale in Two Rivers, this is home, and they can’t imagine being in any other place.

    Sitting in the clubhouse under the elegant shadow of the bell tower located at the entrance of the subdivision, a family living in the neighborhood chats easily with out-of-town guests. They sit in front of a fire that they’ve built in the great room. One of the men from the group pulls the kettle off the stove and refills their mugs. Some sip on tea. Others enjoy the sweet tastes of hot chocolate. Although the room holds up to 113 people, making it perfect for events like weddings, meetings or reunions, this group is smaller. The residents and their friends enjoying the space tonight just wanted a change of pace, so they headed off to the clubhouse.

    A few from the group pull on some sweaters and go out to catch the last rays of the sun as it sets over the pool. In this light, hues of the fall leaves take on extra brilliance, and the handsome European-inspired architecture of this piece of Two Rivers real estate looks like something out of the pages of a travel magazine. Although it’s too cold now to use the pool in the summer time, it’s quite the place to be. Kids with arm floaties splash in the water with their moms while neighborhood teens flip through the messages in their phones while they hang out by the side of the pool.

    Those seem like distant memories — at least for now — but no matter. The clubhouse is still the place to be for people who want to socialize. New residents get access to the facility when they move in, but this place isn’t limited to just them. Filling out a quick rental form allows this piece of Two Rivers real estate to be used by outside groups, allowing them to take advantage of this great community resource. There’s even parking in the area, leaving community members to concern themselves entertaining their guests and not worrying about where they’re going to park.

    But for now, it’s just a quiet night among friends. Their visit to the community club house is drawing to a close, and the friends begin packing up their things. The tea kettle gets put up and the counters wiped. After things are back in order, the residents of the subdivision and their guests lock the door behind them.

    The sun has set, but this group of friends have no trouble finding their way under the light of the moon and by the golden lights reflecting in the subdivision lakes that spot the entire neighborhood. In all, the lucky people who buy Two Rivers real estate in Eagle, Idaho enjoy plenty of beautiful water features throughout the neighborhood. A total of 17 lakes plus 41 waterfalls count as just some of the Two Rivers amenities and give the neighborhood real beauty and tranquility.

    Many of the homes for sale in Two Rivers share a lake with neighboring houses. In the quiet of the evening, people living here can stroll out their gates and enjoy the tall grasses and cattails growing on the banks of their private beach. A quick wave across the pond connects them with their neighbor before they head back in for the night.

    These homes are spacious, with ample counter space in the kitchen for starting large cooking projects. Plus a work island with an extra sink for slicing vegetables or washing up the last of the evening’s snack plates extends the space even more for the bigger events that residents here sometimes have. The ample-sized living room is large enough for a big screen TV, but cozy enough to inspire more conversation among the residents and their visiting friends.

    Extending off the living room and kitchen areas are bathrooms decorated with travertine tile, plenty of closet space for extra blankets when guests come and of course, bedrooms. While the master bedroom with its built-in bath and walk-in closet counts as the home’s largest bedroom, the other bedrooms in the house are actually larger than these rooms would be in other homes. Depending on the preferences of the people who bought one of these homes for sale in Two Rivers in Eagle, Idaho, these rooms could be filled with kids, guest room, or even exercise equipment.

    Beyond the confines of neighborhood homes like this one also lie three gated communities — The Pointe, The Streams and The Islands. These houses are also part of the Two Rivers landscape, but provide a resort-like atmosphere for the people who appreciate fine homes with a few more amenities. These residents of Two Rivers enjoy all the amenities that the neighborhood plus the city of Eagle have to offer while giving these residents an excuse to really pamper themselves in their day-to-day lives.

    However, regardless of which pieces of Two Rivers real estate that people buy, all the homes are a microcosm of the area surrounding them. Like the city of Eagle itself, they are comfortable, full of all the comforts that homeowners come to expect and flexible enough to meet the needs of people living here today.

    In fact, the city of Eagle counts as one of the amenities of living in Two Rivers. This city, which once was a bedroom community for Boise, has developed a quaint identity in its own right. Rather than having to head into Boise for a business lunch, residents here opt for a riverside table at Bardenay. And Rembrandt’s Coffee House is another popular spot, where residents and non-residents alike go to enjoy delicious pastries washed down by hot coffee. The vibe is energetic and yet relaxed as people get caught up with friends and themselves after a busy week.

    For residents who like things a little more active, there’s the area’s three golf courses, Eagle Hills, BanBury and Falcon Crest. These golf destinations hold tournaments, provide lessons and a playground for not only people who’ve purchased one of the homes for sale in Two Rivers in Eagle, Idaho, but to those living in neighboring cities as well.

    The beauty of living in Eagle is that it’s close enough to Boise and Meridian to allow for quick and easy access to an abundance of employment opportunities and services such as those provided by St. Luke’s and St. Al’s. However, even many of these amenities exist right within the confines of the city’s boundaries. Both St. Luke’s and St. Al’s have satellite facilities in Eagle, and plenty of people find that the city makes a great home base to create a business or find work within the community.

    As well, kids living here get a first-rate education in Eagle. Students are first prepared to move on to the first to the next lesson, then to the next school year and finally, on to college and life. It’s a great comfort for the people buying one of the homes for sale in Two Rivers in Eagle to know that their kids are so well taken care of.

    But for this evening, it’s just the grown-ups getting caught up with old friends who have visited for the evening. The visitors finally get ready to call it a night. After saying their good-byes to their hosts, they climb in their cars, passing by some of the beautiful homes for sale in Two Rivers in Eagle, Idaho. They drive on until the last thing they see is the beautiful sandstone gate crowned with sculpted red iron and decorated by the branches of the tall trees and shrubs that stand behind it.