Information About BanBury, Eagle Hills and Other Eagle Area Golf Courses

One of the great pleasures of buying one of the homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho is how close it puts you to the city’s golf courses. In fact, some of the best Eagle, Idaho real estate offerings sit right on the golf course, allowing you to combine your favorite passions with your home life.

BanBury Golf Course

The first place you’ll want to check out is the BanBury Golf Course. Its grounds run along the south channel of the Boise River, and indeed reflective waterways dot the landscape of this public golf course.

BanBury is or has been home to championship golf tournaments, including the United States Girls Championship and the Pacific Northwest Men’s Amateur Championship. These facts speak to the quality of this piece of Eagle, Idaho real estate. And is, no doubt, one of the reasons why this golf course has been named one of the top ten golf courses in Idaho by Golf Digest magazine.

But you don’t have to be a champion golfer to enjoy spending time at BanBury. While anyone can play on the golf course, subdivision like BanBury Meadows cater to those among us who’d rather spend our time golfing than doing anything else.

Buying one of the homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho puts you closer to this reality and buying a home in BanBury Meadows even closer still. With its 8,000 square foot club house, 1 1/2 acre teeing area and a fairway that’s open seven days a week, you’ll never run out of golf time here.

Eagle Hills Golf Course

However, BanBury isn’t the only place to play golf in Eagle. Eagle Hills Golf Course is another place you’ll want to check out once you’re settled into your new Eagle, Idaho home. This course has gotten kudos from Golf magazine and is the home for over 50 golf tournaments during the year.

This piece of Eagle, Idaho real estate serves as a place where local charities raise funds as well as for business retreats. These events are in addition to the competitive events that take place year-round.

And like any good golf club, it has a restaurant with an enviable menu as well as catering services. It’s not only a place you’ll want to stop into once you’re done on the fairways, but also when you’re planning important life events such as weddings. Mature trees, lush grasses and brilliantly colored flowers are just some of the stunning landscapes that you’ll see when you visit this Eagle, Idaho golf course.

SpurWing Country Club and Golf Course

Buying one of the homes for sale in Eagle also puts you into close proximity to several golf courses that, while not in Eagle, are close enough that they might as well be in town. Chief among them is SpurWing.

The Golf Club at SpurWing is private, but offers a variety of club memberships, any one of which is likely to fit your golfing needs. While one person might find a full membership the only way to go, the out-of-towner will certainly love the national membership. Some members only want access to the clubhouse and others get in via memberships such as the junior executive membership.

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