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What to do in Your Off-Time if You Live In Eagle, Idaho

The Boise River

Your piece of Eagle, Idaho real estate isn’t just your home, it’s your ticket to variety of activities that make living here so great. No doubt, you know all about the things to do in Boise, but you actually don’t have to leave Eagle at all to find plenty to do.

The Boise River runs right through town and the greenbelt runs parallel to it as it does in much of the rest of the Treasure Valley. It’s likely that you can almost smell the delicious scents of fresh water and succulent plants.

The sights that accompany these wonderful smells include the calls of water birds, the ring of laughter of the cyclists on the bike path and the singing frogs, who serenade those who break off the path to go grab a bite to eat at Bardenay.

Bardenay, Rembrandt’s and Other Eagle, Idaho Restaurants

Bardenay is another important piece of Eagle, Idaho real estate. It’s a gathering place in Eagle, where people come to have a tasty lunch or dinner. It sits right next to that popular Eagle, Idaho hotel, The Hilton. It’s one of the many Eagle, Idaho restaurants that you could call a destination restaurant, meaning that with its back patio, you plan on spending an evening at Bardenay in part because you get to chat and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

Another place to go in Eagle along these lines is Rembrandt’s Coffee House. This is of the most popular pieces of Eagle, Idaho real estate. Although living in the city puts you “just around the corner” so to speak from this landmark, it’s so full of charm and interesting stuff that people drive from a long way to come and drink coffee here.

It’s a converted church and much of the decor still resembles its former identity. The walls glow with the beauty of artwork created by artists far and near and of course, it always smells like steaming coffee and scones. How bad could that be?

Or catch a night of live music every Thursday night at Bella Aquila. This Italian restaurant has stunning views of the Boise River, delicious Italian food and light music to relax to.

Eagle Golf Courses

But if after buying one of the homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho you find that you don’t want to pursue indoor activities, you’ll find plenty of things to do outside in Eagle. Aside from activities having to do with the greenbelt, the city lies close to several renowned golf courses.

At the top of the list is BanBury Golf Course, which Golf Digest has named as one of Idaho’s top 10 golf courses in Idaho, and not just for one year, but for many. The course is as beautiful as it is challenging.

In the fall, red trees reflect in the ponds on the grounds as people wind around the paths and grounds. Long grasses along the shores of these waterways catch errant golf balls. In the restaurant, groups of golfers and their families try an avocado and bacon sandwich or some mozzarella sticks after a morning game. It’s a lovely piece of Eagle, Idaho real estate to start or end your day from, that’s for sure.

But BanBury isn’t the only golf course in Eagle. Eagle Hills Golf Course is also in the area. Additionally, golf courses like SpurWing in Meridian are so close, they might as well be in Eagle, Idaho.

Parks in Eagle, Idaho

In the months when the weather gets warm, you’ll find plenty to do at Eagle Island State Park. When you buy one of the homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho, you put yourself in close proximity to this Treasure Valley gem!

You’ll find plenty of trails for hiking on, a waterside, disc golf, fishing, picnic areas plus paddleboard rentals. You’ll enjoy the fact that you can load up kids and dogs and drive just a few minutes to this great Eagle outdoor destination. Spending time here is definitely one of the funnest ways to spend your off-time.

For kids living in Eagle, Idaho, there are places to go like the Skate Park or the Mountain Bike and BMX Park. Activities like these encourage kids to get some exercise while enjoying the green landscapes of Eagle.

Miscellaneous Eagle, Idaho Activities

On the other hand, your kids might enjoy attending the School of Rock, where they can learn to sing or play guitar. And for that matter, this Eagle, Idaho activity isn’t just reserved for kids. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sing or have secretly desired to play base in a local band, this is the place to learn it.

But whatever you decide to do you, you’ll discover that by buying your own piece of Eagle, Idaho real estate, you’ve opened yourself up to a world of fun and exciting activities.