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The Shores in Eagle, Idaho is located along the South Channel of the Boise river and offer some of the most prestigious homes for sale in the area. Below you will find a list of the most recent listings in the Shores and more details about the community.

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    The Shores – Eagle, Idaho

    Sunday mornings at The Shores subdivision is leisure time at its best. The hustle and bustle of the week has melted away, and residents who have recently bought one of the homes for sale in The Shores in Eagle, Idaho start really counting their blessings. The day ahead promises to be beautiful. It’s as if the sunshine rolled out the red carpet and beckoned to these new home owners to come out, explore and meet their neighbors.

    The backyard counts as a logical place for many new residents to begin their tour. All The Shores real estate for sale promises that each home is nestled in comfortable outdoor surroundings that make a trip out into the backyard feel like an excursion into a private garden retreat. Homes in the neighborhood have features such as garden stone pathways leading to some hidden alcove in the yard or a backyard pond where cattails grow and wild birds land. Some build nests. Others stay just long enough to play in the water on a hot summer day.

    In the colder months, these little retreat areas in the yard become a part of the winter wonderland that engulfs The Shores in gentle blankets of white. The beauty of the construction of these homes is that residents can enjoy views like these year round from almost every window in the house. For the mom doing the family bills in the office or the teen reading in the den, a glimpse out the window offers a mini-vacation for the eyes. It’s possible to experience the stunning personality of nature without ever leaving the house.

    But people living in The Shores subdivision in Eagle, Idaho do venture out, and when they’re done with their backyard they might just get a hankering to meet some of their neighbors. A walk down their streets reveals nicely manicured landscapes with flowers and lush greenery on both the lawns and village green areas as well as one of the neighborhood’s favorite destinations, the pool and clubhouse. People buying the homes for sales in The Shores automatically gain access to this neighborhood feature, which might arguably be called its crown jewel.

    The builders of the pool and clubhouse intended for this neighborhood feature to be a gathering place for residents and their invited guests. New residents soon learn there’s a massage room, a library with a warm atmosphere and cozy book exchange, a state-of-the-art kitchen where families celebrating birthdays, reunions or anniversaries meet to whip up a gourmet meal and even more wine and conversation. The clubhouse combines the elegance of European-inspired architecture with the modern sensibilities of American construction to create a landscape that meets the needs of those living in this unique space.

    Behind the clubhouse lies the jeweled waters of the pool. Designed as a vanishing pool, the outer edges of the pool’s design merge into a pond behind the pool and reveal views of gently meandering river banks, trees swaying in the wind and butterflies and bees darting in and out of flowers throughout the landscape. It’s just before noon, but it already the day promises to be a scorcher. But no matter. The Shores in Eagle, Idaho have a to-die-for pool.

    To each side of it sit comfortable lounge chairs. As neighborhood parents chat over lemonade, their kids take turns diving into the pool and playing Marco Polo with their friends. Water splashes to the side in great bursts punctuated by laughter. Occasionally, it finds its mark, landing on the clothes of the onlookers on the side of the pool. It looks like a scene from a vacation postcard, but it’s a reality that residents here experience daily during the warmer months.

    Further investigation of the neighborhood reveals there’s much more than meets the eye. The decorative stone entrance offers only a small glimpse of the some 16 acres and 86 homes sites that make up the subdivision. Water counts as one of the overriding design themes of the neighborhood. Cascading fountains provide beauty throughout the subdivision. Brilliantly hued plants of all sorts dot the landscape, and occasionally between the tall reeds and purple iris plants a walking path reveals itself. People who buy the homes for sale in The Shores in Eagle, Idaho find that these paths lead to afternoons whiled away fishing or hiking or just hanging out. More active neighborhood pursuits include feisty games of basketball or fierce tennis matches on the on-site courts.

    With all these amenities, it’s easy to see why people here may not want to stray very far from home. But occasionally, they must, and when they do, they discover that The Shores makes a great jumping off point for the greater Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Nampa area. Kids here attend the Eagle School District, giving them access to some of the best educational opportunities that the Treasure Valley has to offer. Equally, their parents will appreciate the abundance of places to spend a lunch hour talking business or just getting caught up with an old friend. And that’s just in Eagle. Going off in one direction brings old and new residents alike into Boise and all the services available there within the space of about 15 minutes or less. Meridian is even closer still and Nampa is fewer than 30 minutes away during a bad traffic day.